Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada

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ECRO 2014

World & National Irish Dance Championships

Qualifying Event



November 14-15-16


Queen Elizabeth Fairmont, Montreal

Information for the 2014 Regional championships is not yet ready


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ECRO would like to thank Concordia university in Montreal for the generous donation of scholarships to their new Degree program in

Canadian Irish studies.




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North American National Irish Dance Championships 2013

Qualification Rules

1. All Championship level dancers.
2. U8 and U9 at teacher's choice.
3. Qualifiers from ECR Oireachtas 2012 under the following calculation.

The top ten dancers per competition PLUS 25% of the total number of dancers who danced will qualify,SUBJECT TO BEING RECALLED.

Recalls are 50% and this amount will not be extended in cases where 10 + 25% exceeds the calculated recall.



WORLD Irish Dance Championship 2013, Boston, United States

Qualification Rules

1. All Medal winners from Worlds 2012(recall medalists not included).
2. Dancers pre-qualified at NAIDC 2012, USA.
3. Qualifiers from ECR Oireachtas 2012 via the calculations listed below.
4. Dancers may only compete at Worlds for the school they qualified for (however, special permission may be requested).

For dancers U10 up to and including U20 - five for the first twenty dancers and one for every other ten (or part thereof).
For dancers in 20 & Over - seven  for the first twenty dancers and one for every other five (or part thereof).

Dancers with 2012 World medals (recall medalists are not included) who earn a qualifying spot at this event will be skipped over at Oireachtas.

Dancers who pre-qualified at NAIDC 2012 will NOT be skipped over at Oireachtas.

 Dancers must participate in the Oireachtas in order to maintain their qualification (or have a valid doctor's note for illness or injury).